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Background Checked, Certified Math Coaches Provide 1:1 Private Math Tutoring

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Aligned to State Standards; Includes Word Problems + Games for Different Subjects

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Students Develop Smart Study Skills, Habits and Positive Behavior Changes

Build Smart Study Skills

Enhances Learning & Guided Problem Solving to Help Master Concepts in Just 15 Min a Day

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Lightning Fast Learning with Real Time Performance Insights and Grading

Real-Time Insights

Loved by 151,171+ Parents in Over 40 Countries Around the World

Explore Our Proven Learning Process Makes Learning Fun & Engaging!

  • Students start by taking a grade-level appropriate and AI-adaptive math test

  • Receive a detailed & actionable written report with the test results 

  • Match with a dedicated expert tutor or math mentor

  • Students learn at their own pace with tailored lessons & feedback

  • Patented AI technology creates custom learning paths for each student

  • Like music apps curate playlists based on what you listen to, Thinkster uses innovative technology to curate personalized math lessons for students!

  • Students can earn up to $5 in cash gift cards every month by completing learning activities

  • Parents can easily monitor their child’s progress with our Dynamic Progress Matrix and detailed progress reports

  • Parents get 24/7 access to a dedicated Parent Insights App

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Getting Started: Adaptive Testing, Detailed Reports, Dedicated Math Tutor

Personalized Learning Plan: AI-Driven Custom Learning Path 

Rewarding Learning Experience: Earn Cash Gift Cards, Monitor Progress, Stay Connected!

We’ve Helped All Types of Students See Incredible Performance Improvements in Math 

Kiersten learns new and more challenging material with Thinkster. She was able to raise her NWEA test scores from the 81st percentile to the 99th percentile in 6 months. That's with even taking some months off for a break!

Michael has improved his critical thinking skills - and his math scores in school have greatly improved too. He's always in the top 3 in his class!

Rishi completed 3 grade levels in 6 months on Thinkster! He is currently working 2 levels above his school grade level. He has made significant improvements in his logical reasoning and critical thinking skills.

Maeve's grades in math have improved so much - she regularly gets 100% on her tests! Most consequentially, she loves math now that she is more confident in her abilities, and is always excited to learn more!

Pranav scored in the 99th percentile in the AIG screening exam (Academically Intelligent & Gifted). He's also completed all 10 levels of Abacus mental math!

Mia has grown so much in so many areas since becoming a Thinkster! Success in math was just the beginning. As her confidence in math has grown, so has her confidence in the rest of her studies and even in her athletics. Mia now has a 4.0 and is happily juggling academics and four sports!

Since becoming a Thinkster, Capri has consistently scored in the highest percentile in her class for math. Her confidence in school is at an all-time high!

Kiran has advanced two grades and is so much more confident with his math skills!

We are incredibly impressed by Ishaani's results on the 5th Grade Math Assessment. She received a perfect score & certificate from her school for her awesome performance!

Thinkster gives Amir the ability to explore skills above his grade level. He has amazing critical thinking skills and picks things up very quickly. He has a 4.0 GPA and scored in the 95% percentile on MAP testing.

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We Personalize Your Child’s Learning, Elevate Their Confidence, and Guarantee Results - or Your Money Back!

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Discover the Power of Expert Math Tutors Supercharged by Our Patented AI